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Below are a few sample custom components I have created using Tekla Structures.  The ability to create ones own custom component adds endless capabilities within the program.  Virtually anything can be connected in this fashion. I will be glad to forward the uel file to any Tekla Structures user that might find a need for such a custom component.

steel detailer steel detailing
structural steel detailer steel detailers
structural detailing tekla structures
structural steel detailing I'm currently working on a custom component for masonry H&B wire ties equally spaced.  It will be based on the layout of my nailer hole custom component but will instead layout equally spaced H&B wire ties for beam or column.  I'm also setting this up so the user can select flange or web face for it's application. The H&B wire ties with strap, located above, can be used for this but it only creates one instance and not an equally spaced situation.