Steel Detailing Experience

A 1985 high honor graduate of ITT Technical Institute.  I started out in the industry with a local structural steel and miscellaneous fabrication shop called Park Steel, Corp located in Gardner, MA.   After 3 years as a steel detailer I was promoted to head of checking and remained at that position for an additional 3 years.  I went on to be promoted to project manager for my last 4 years employment with Park Steel.  After 10 years total employment, and a serious crash in the market,  Park Steel was forced to close it's doors leaving me with a big decision.  Through my contacts that I acquired as a project manager I chose to go on my own and have been successful for 14 years running.  In 1995 I opted for my first structural steel detailing program called ME2, developed by Mountain Enterprises.  I could not say enough good things about that program.  In the fall of 2000 I opted for a windows based program developed by Tekla Corporation known as Tekla Structures, formerly called Xsteel.  I currently employ one other steel detailer and team work is our goal and commitment.  With Tekla Structures anything can be achieved with excellence.

steel detailing